“Persian” line of knives.


This  line of  knives emerged from the best traditions of Middle Eastern knife making. These knives are made without any intention to produce “historically-accurate” copies of the knives made in the past. However, the ancient bladesmiths were never making their knives with intention to copy each other or their own pieces. Each maker was excelling by selecting the best and introducing something new, while keeping the overall shape of the knife.

This was not just a whim of a maker: the shape of the knife’s blade and handle were determined by the purpose and comfort of using it (e.g. carving, hunting, skinning, cooking etc.).  Often, knives were and still are made as multi-purpose tools designed for household needs and battle/hunting. In my opinion, ancient Persian knives are exceptional representatives of a family of multi-purpose knives. Of course, various multi-purpose knives existed in many parts of the world such as Finnish/Scandinavian type of knife in Europe, American Bowie etc.

 I decided to introduce the 10 knives “Persian” line of products with the blades made of the best quality modern steel. These will not be exact copies of previously made ancient knives – there are plenty of them from other makers. I will make these knives to be most functional as perfected by many generations of Middle Eastern knife makers , keeping just the overall shape and ergonomics of these knives. In a recent future, I intent to produce several small lines of knives based on the best examples of the knives from around the world. I will put an effort into improvement of these knives’ performance by choosing the best components for their construction. These will be fully functional working knives as they would probably be made by the ancient masters should they have an access to the 21 century technology. Each of these knives will have a life-time warranty and will be saved on my web site in a special, designated archive for identification purposes, if necessary.

Persian 1

This knife has 7" long blade,3/16" thick and the overall length is 12" .
Blade material CPM S30V steel .
Handle material Black horn,Snake wood.

By order only

Persian 2

This knife has 9" long blade,3/16" thick and the overall length is 14" .
Blade material CPM 3V steel..

Handle material Black horn,Leopard wood.
Leather sheath with crocodile .

By order only

Persian 3

This knife has 7" long blade,3/16" thick and the overall length is 12" .
Blade material M390 steel.

Handle material Black horn,Indian rosewood.
Leather sheath with Python .

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Persian 4

The Handle and blade was designed and made by Oleg Krymlin (US)

This knife has 9 1/4" long blade ,1/4" thick and the overall length is 14 1/4" .
Blade material hand forged 1095 58-60HRC
Handle material Walnut burl,Horn.
NO sheath.

By order only

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